Logged In is an interactive Twine Game designed to utilize a platitude of media in order to best showcase the cyber-punk settings, as well as the more realistic overarching themes like corporate morality, dealing with anxiety and speculative uses of technology within the field of psychology. Using sound, images and the basic branching structure of a Twine game, Logged In is designed to make as much use of available mediums as possible while telling several narratives that experiment with the idea of perspective (who we think is playing/experiencing the game). 

UPDATE: V.1.1 has had several changed:

-PD now shows the password sticker

-Spelling corrections

Part 1

In a technologically reliant world, where everyone is connected to global mainframes using ATHENA, an assistant cranial AI created by near omniscient corporations, a single question threatens to unravel the very foundations of society: can we trust them?
And so enters the protagonist, an activist on a mission to uncover the truth surrounding an event known as Dark Zero -the day the mainframes shut down, cutting everyone off from the connectivity they had become so reliant on, leading to a rise in unexplained deaths.
During the investigation, the Activist is sent a single corrupted memory file belonging to a man named Lucien Durante. Entering his dreamscape delves him/her head first into a world of anxiety, paranoia and conspiracy.


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It's a thing I made while on a caffeine buzz... Enjoy